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Close Up
Shown with Round Cabochon
Shown with SAMPLE Cremain Cabochon Colour. You may choose from colour samples below. All images magnified to show detail. Plate/Cabochon size approximate.

Cabochon Colour Choices

Please note that you will be choosing the colour of your cabochon as well as the setting in which you wish it to appear. Your cabochon will be crafted from the cremains which you send to us. The placement of the cremains within these cabochon examples are shown only to give you an idea of what the stone will look like with the cremains added. All cabochons are one of a kind and the placement of the cremains inside is also one of a kind. For best results please send a mixture of powdered cremains as well as larger pieces.

Hot Pink
hot pink
Baby Pink
Grape Purple
Deep Purple
icy pink
deep purple
Lime Green
Medium Green
Forest Green
icy green
medium green
forest green
Sea Blue Green
Icy Blue
Midnight Blue
sea blue-green
icy blue
midnight blue
Icy Silver
Black Smoke
icy silver
black smoke
Due to variations in individual monitor settings, colours seen on screen are an approximation of the actual colour of item.
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Item Name:
Antique Silver Round Double Ring Necklace Pendant Plate with Round Cremain Cabochon
This is a lovely necklace pendant which will include the cremain cabochon colour of your choice.
Approximately 1" x 3/4" [shape/size may vary due to handmade quality]

Transaction Specifics

$25.00 for necklace pendant with cremain cabochon. Chain is extra. Please click here to view available chains and prices. Free United States shipping with chain purchase.
Payment Types:
Paypal: Confirmed shipping address required on Paypal account.

Credit Cards/E-Checks through Paypal only. Confirmed shipping address required on Paypal account.
Payment Due Date:
Within 24 hours of purchase agreement.
Turnaround Time: This item is custom made and usually ships within 1 week of received payment and cremain sample.
Shipping Price:
Free United States shipping with chain purchase. Please contact us for International shipping rates.
Shipping Carrier:
USPS Priority Mail.
Ships To:

USA, Canada, Worldwide

Ordering + Contact Info:
Cremain Mailing Info: CLICK HERE for information on how to send your cremains to us. Cremains will be placed inside this product, sealed and then shipped back to you free of charge with the chain of your choice if you purchase your chain from us. This link opens in a new window.

Order Form

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Item Name Antique Silver Round Double Ring Necklace Pendant Plate with Round Cremain Cabochon
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